Simple Web Shortcuts plugin for CS:GO


sm_web (!web in chat) – Required admin flag GENERIC

Usage: sm_web <target> <url>


Edit webshortcuts.txt

Example of use:

// usage: “trigger” “Define Windows size”
“google” “full”
“steam” “height=720,width=1024”
“sourcemod” “height=720,width=1024”
“gametracker” “height=720,width=1024”{SERVER_IP}:{SERVER_PORT}/
“franug” “height=720,width=1024”
// Hidden motd testing
// If you dont want to show a windows, only a hidden motd, put “none” instead of the windows size
// Also you can use “about:blank” for stop the motd
“!soundmotd” “none”
“!dance” “none”
“!stopmotd” “none” about:blank
// fit to screen feature testing
// Use “full” instead of the windows size for adjust the windows size to the client resolution


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